Creativity Coaching

Creativitity Coaching applies the coaching model to people in the arts. It can be seen as life coaching for various forms of self expression.
· Performance Problems
· Technology Overload
· Competition
Creative Writing
· Writer's Block
· Balancing Life and Work
· Publishing issues
Visual Arts
· The Artist's Identity
· Criticism
· Showing and the Marketplace

I learned Creativity Coaching from its creator, writer and psychologist Eric Maisel. While each of the fields of art have their own individual issues, there are also areas in common. Each stage of work offers unique challenges and possibilities for getting stuck. Dr. Maisel has developed a model of the creative process and many ways of improving a person's performance.


Creativity Coaching can be done in face-to-face sessions if you are local to Chicago's western suburbs. It can also be done via email or by phone, or a combination of any of these. There are several ways to meet your needs and finances. For information on becoming a client click here.