Ideally coaching a client goes fairly smoothly. You help your clients identify their goals, develop a plan to reach these goals, and enjoy and share in their success. However, things don't always go according to plans.



Coaching vs. Therapy
My Clinical Psychology background and my coaching training gives me an expertise in dealing with problems in coaching difficult clients. I feel that the line between coaching and therapy issues is not always easy to define. I believe that these difficulties occur on three different levels.


When there is nothing wrong.
During the course of your work with a coaching client, there may be bumps or snags, conflicts or rough patches. This may be a perfectly normal aspect of coaching. Although this is not really a problem, it still helps to discuss these issues with a third party. Sometimes you just need to vent a little. Although I can help, consulting with other coaches works fine.

When there is something wrong with the client.
Issues such as depression or substance abuse may interfere with a client's efforts to meet their goals. I can help you to determine whether your client needs therapy as well as coaching. I can assist you in keeping these boundaries clear, offer strategies in dealing with these problems, and offer therapy to your client that supports your coaching plan.

When there is something wrong with your relationship with the client.
Sometimes we may feel that a client is pushing our buttons, but is the client a button pusher or is it an issue with our own buttons? This is a challenging area of working with people that offers great opportunities for growth as a coach and as a person. I can help you clarify the situation and find valuable lessons from these trying relationships.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or feel that I may be able to assist you with working with a difficult client by pressing here.